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Aqua Clear Water Treatment Services & Specialists is a full-service provider of Chemical Water Treatment Services for Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loops. All of these systems require regular monitoring and water treatment to maintain peak performance and efficiency. Inadequet treatment will result in an accumulation of Contamination and Corrosion. If left unchecked, the Contamination and Corrosion will reduce system efficiencies, increase energy consumption, and increase water usage, as well as increase in downtime and operating costs.

Studies have shown that heating and cooling often comprise 50% or more of a facility’s operating expenses. With rising energy costs it is increasingly important to recognize the value of a comprehensive water treatment program that is administered by a qualified water treatment professional.

Chemical Services Offered by Aqua Clear:

  • Comprehensive Chemical Treatment for Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loops:
    • Phosphates and/or Phosphonates to remove and prevent Scale
    • Corrosion Inhibitors to protect water contact surfaces
    • Polymers to resist particulate accumulation
    • Scavengers to remove oxygen
    • Anti-foam to prevent carry-over
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning and De-scaling
  • Closed-loop Acid Cleaning to remove contamination
  • Boiler Acid Cleaning and De-scaling
  • Corrosion Control and Monitoring
  • Legionella Testing
  • RO and Nanofiltration Membrane Cleaning Programs
    • On-site Chemical feed programs (anti-scalant)
    • Factory Deep Cleaning for heavily fouled membranes.

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Water Treatment Services

Components of a Water Treatment Program:

To effectively manage the performance of Cooling Towers and Closed-loops, it is critical to monitor pH and conductivity, while treating for scale, algea, microbial contamination, and white rust. In addition, Cycles of Concentration must be properly adjusted on Cooling Towers to minimize water consumption and maximize performance. Closed-loops must be treated to prevent contamination from a variety of sources in order to protect the various systems that rely on a consistent supply of clean water for optimum operation and minimal breakdowns.

Effective treatment programs require application of chemicals at the proper dosage, along with a monitoring program to verify that the water quality is within acceptable parameters. Choosing the right chemicals for the job is extremely important. There are a wide variety of chemicals available, but they are not all created equal, and there are many factors to considering when selecting the right chemical. What types of equipment is the water used for? What are the environmental considerations? Is the location in close proximity to the ocean? The list goes on. In the end, the chemicals chosen for treatment must be safe and effective, and they must be applied in the correct amounts.

Based on our years of experience, Aqua Clear has formulated a complete line of custom chemicals that are designed to effectively treat the process water that is used for these applications. We also offer non-chemical solutions, such as UV, for controlling microbiological contamination. All of our chemicals are environmentally friendly, when used as directed.

The Right Chemicals and a Proven Methodology

For effective, and cost efficient water treatment results, Aqua Clear’s controlled approach is unsurpassed. First, we establish an operating baseline by testing water quality and surveying the existing equipment, as well as the operations. This information allows us to design a custom-tailored water treatment program to address any specific needs and/or situations. The proposed program is then submitted for review and agreement. Recommendations are clear-cut for each segment of operation and upon approval, we will implement the program. When the program is implemented we begin monitoring the operating parameters in order to provide validation the effectiveness of our recommendations. The result is a water treatment program that reduces energy costs, maintenance costs, and water consumption.

Call or e-mail us today to arrange for an on-site evaluation. There is no charge, and we will provide you with an honest assessment of the current condition of your water systems, as well as a recommendation for a treatment program that will address your specific requirements.
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Water Treatment Services