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Biological Control – OVERVIEW

Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed loops, as well as the associated plumbing, are ideal breeding grounds for biological contamination. Algae and microbial contamination can spread quickly and cause significant damage and/or increased costs due to inefficienies that result from infestation.

While algae is of most concern in open systems, microorganisms will multiply and accumulate on virtually any water contact surface.  Microbial colonies will create a bio-film that will spread laterally, and it can become quite thick. Both algae and biofilm are forms of fouling, and they will reduce heat transfer efficiencies, which will increase energy costs.  Biological contamination will also accelerate corrosion.

Safety is a major concern relative to microbial growth, especially for microorganisms such as Legionella, which is found almost exclusively in Cooling Towers.  Legionella infections lead to Legionellosis, which is a severe form of pneumonia. Many states and municipalities require regular testing for Legionella to verify that Cooling Towers are not infected. Aqua Clear provides Legionella testing services for industrial and commercial applications, as well as applications where human exposure is real threat including hotels, casinos, hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage and many others.

Considering all of the issues listed above, Biological Control is critical for safe and efficient operation of Cooling Towers, Boilers, and other HVAC components, such as chillers and water heaters.

Biological Control – TREATMENT

  • Oxidizing Chemicals (Bromine, Chlorine, etc.)
  • Non-oxidizing Chemicals (Glutaraldehyde, DBNPA, etc.)
  • Non-chemical Alternatives (UV and/or Ozone)
  • Biodispersants

Aqua Clear offers chemical and non-chemical solutions for Biological Control.  Programs are developed to meet the needs of each individual customer.  In addition to our complete line of our own proprietary custom blended Chemicals to combat biological contamination, we offer non-chemical solutions, such as Ultraviolet Light (UV) and ozone for safe and effective decontamination of the water that is used in Cooling Towers, Boilers, and other HVAC systems.

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