Membrane Antiscalants and Coagulants

///Membrane Antiscalants and Coagulants
Membrane Antiscalants and Coagulants2018-12-28T08:45:43-07:00

Membrane Antiscalants, Coagulants/Flocculants and Chlorine Scavengers

Aqua Clear supplies its own line of formulated antiscalants, scale inhibitors, coagulants, and flocculants for RO and NF systems to increase prefiltration efficiency and improve the productivity of the membrane elements. Aqua Clear’s formulations work well for direct filtration systems, multi-media filters, and gravitational filters and are fully tested for membrane compatibility for all the major membrane manufacturers.

Benefits of Aqua Clear’s Antiscalants, Coagulants, and Flocculants for Membrane Systems

  • Reduce per gallon purification costs
  • Improve overall membrane performance
  • Provide consistent feed-water quality
  • Increase resistance to filter break-through
  • Reduce time required for flushing
  • Reduce backwash waste
  • Extend filter life
  • Extend costly membrane life

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