Membrane Anti-scalants and Coagulants

///Membrane Anti-scalants and Coagulants
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Membrane Anti-scalants and Coagulants; Flocculants

Aqua Clear supplies Anti-scalants, Coagulants, and Flocculants for RO and Nanofiltration systems to increase prefiltration efficiency and improve the productivity of the membrane elements.   Aqua Clear’s formulations work well for direct filtration systems, multi-media filters, and gravitational filters.

Benefits of Aqua Clear’s Anti-scalants, Coagulants, and Flocculants for Membrane Systems

  • Reduce per gallon purification costs
  • Improve overall membrane performance
  • Provide consistent feed-water quality
  • Increase resistance to filter break-through
  • Reduce time required for flushing
  • Reduce backwash waste
  • Extend filter life
  • Extend membrane life

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