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Legionnaires’ disease bacteria (LDB) – OVERVIEW: Legionella Testing

Legionella Testing by Aqua Clear, LLC

Legionnaires’ disease bacteria (aka, Legionella) is a potentially deadly bacteria that is known to thrive in the warm and wet environments created by Cooling Towers. Because of this, it is extremely important to sufficiently treat the water that flows through cooling towers and to properly clean these systems on a regular basis. It is also highly recommended or required that Legionella Testing be performed monthly to ensure that harmful legionella strains of bacteria are not present in the system.


Recommended Cleaning/Maintenance from OSHA:

  • Inspect equipment monthly.
  • Drain and clean quarterly or at least twice a year if the unit is not used year round.
  • Treat circulating water for control of microorganisms, scale, and corrosion.
  • Monthly microbiological analysis is needed to ensure control of biological contamination.

Record Keeping:

  • Document operations and maintenance in a log book. Log books should list dates of inspections and cleanings, water-quality test results, LDB outbreak investigations, and maintenance.
  • Maintain an up-to-date description of the operating system (which includes all components cooled by the system) and details of the make-up water to the system.
  • Written procedures for proper operation and maintenance of the system should indicate the use of scale and corrosion inhibitors and antifoaming agents. Written records of biocide or chlorine use should be readily available.

Aqua Clear has the experience and training to handle any and all Legionnella related issues for Cooling Towers or any other water system.  We offer cleaning and maintenance programs that follow the OSHA recommended guidelines, as well as, one-time Legionella testing services.

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Aqua Clear, LLC Legionella Testing

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