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Company Overview: About Us

AquaClear, LLC is a leading water treatment specialist based in San Diego, California. We are  a full service, water treatment and commercial cooling tower service provider.  Many ask us what is it about us that makes us so specialized in our field. We specialize in providing customer specific water treatment programs, as well as custom built water purification systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial clients.  Our products and services are proven to conserve water and reduce overall costs by improving performance and reducing downtime.  Our custom-tailored water treatment programs will also extend equipment life and improve overall efficiencies, which will reduce energy consumption and costs.

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Mission Statement

We are committed to helping our customers adapt to the growing challenges and increasing costs associated with the limited water supply in the world.  Our focus is to utilize the latest in systems technology and water management practices to maximize water efficiencies for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide premium products and excellent service at a reasonable price.
  • Always remember that customer satisfaction is a priority.
  • Work closely with customers to identify opportunities to conserve water and energy.
  • Always treat customers, vendors, and team members with respect.
  • Stand behind everything we do.


Aqua Clear was founded in 1994 in San Diego, California.  At that time the goal was to provide water treatment services for commercial and industrial applications in order to help those customers use water more efficiently.  As we have grown, the variety services that we offer has also grown, and we have been driven by customer requests to become a manufacturer and a distributor of water purification systems and equipment.

Water treatment services will always be a core competency, as well as a growing segment of our business, and we will always remain committed to delivering exceptional customer service and value at a reasonable price.  With that as our foundation we will also continue to expand the “hard goods” side of the business by providing value-added water purification systems and equipment to meet the growing needs of commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers.  We will build upon our successes by continuing to offer the highest level of customer service along with premium products for a fair price.

Aqua Clear is a member of:

Association of Water Technologies

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We also are promoting the EPA Water Sense Initiative

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Please click here to e-mail or call us at 858.270.7655  to learn more about Aqua Clear, or to schedule an on-site evaluation.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your water treatment and/or water purification needs.

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