Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loop Services

///Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loop Services
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Aqua Clear Packaged Treatment Programs| Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loop Services.

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists offers bundled solutions for comprehensive treatment of Cooling TowersCooling Tower SystemsBoilers, and Closed-loop systems.  By combining chemicals, equipment, and services all into one package we are able ensure complete care for your systems with “Single-source” responsibility.  Bundled products and services allow us to reduce the total cost for care and treatment, while still allowing for custom-tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each installation.  Recommended treatment programs are determined based on a site survey that includes a comprehensive evaluation of the existing water quality and equipment status.


Comprehensive Water Treatment Program Options Offered by Aqua Clear

  • Water Treatment Chemicals:
    • Phosphates and/or Phosphonates to remove and prevent Scale
    • Corrosion Inhibitors to protect water contact surfaces
    • Polymers to resist particulate accumulation
    • Scavengers to remove oxygen
    • Anti-foam to prevent carry-over
  • Monitoring and Treatment Equipment:
    • Chemical Pumps and Drums
    • Conductivity Meters
    • Controllers
    • Filters for Bypass Feeders and Side-stream filtration
  • Water Treatment Services (bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly)
    • Comprehensive Water Testing and Evaluation
    • Equipment Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair
    • Chemical Refill
    • Documentation and Report
  • Acid Cleaning and De-scaling
  • Corrosion Control and Monitoring
  • Legionella Testing

Acid Cleanings

Acid cleanings and decontamination are available as a one-time service for customers whose systems have become fouled and contaminated.

Benefits of Choosing Aqua Clear for Bundled Products and Services

  • Single-source Responsibility
    • If there is a problem, you call Aqua Clear and we will solve the problem
  • Complete Care with “System-view” of Situations
    • We consider the entire system when evaluating conditions and treatment
  • Lower Overall Costs
    • Bundled products and services reduces costs
  • Access to Aqua Clear’s Full-line Water Treatment Solutions
    • We offer a wide variety of products and services for virtually any water purification application

For over 15 years, Aqua Clear has been providing customized water treatment services for Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loops.  Providing superior water treatment services is what the business was founded on and it will remain forever as a key component to our business and our success.

Other Things that Aqua Clear Can Do to Help: In addition to water treatment services and maintenance services for Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loops, Aqua Clear offers Boiler Cleaning services and Closed-loop Decontamination programs to improve performance and reduce costs.

Please click here to e-mail or call 858.270.7655  to schedule an on-site evaluation.  We welcome the opportunty to discuss your water treatment and/or water purification needs.


Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loop Services

AquaClear, LLC Cooling Towers, Boilers, and Closed-loop Services