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Filtration Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Aqua Clear specializes in designing and building Filtration Solutions for commercial and industrial water purification applications.  With years of training, hundreds of systems installed, and vast resources to call upon, we have the knowledge and practical experience to solve virtually any water purification challenge.

Most of our Filtration Solutions are custom designed to address the specific water quality needs as well as the constraints of the location and the available water supply.  Often we are called upon to build Pre-filtration Solutions for ultra-pure water (UPW) that is used for manufacturing or pharmaceutical processes which require much cleaner water than what is supplied by a well or the municipality.  We also supply Filtration solutions for “hard-to-solve” situations, such as iron removal and/or arsenic removal.  Regardless of the application, you can be sure that Aqua Clear has the ability to provide a well thought-out and scientifically proven solution for your water purification needs.

AquaClear, LLC Filtration Solutions

Filtration Solutions AquaClear, LLC

Aqua Clear offers a wide variety of filtration solutions, including the following media filtration products

Birm® For iron removal and manganese removal
Coconut Shell-High Activated Carbon For reduction of chlorine, tastes and odors
Manganese Greensand For iron removal and reduction of manganese, and hydrogen sulfide
Pyrolox® For reduction of soluble iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide
Anthracite For sediment filtration
Filter Sand and Gravel For sediment filtration and support beds
Calcite For pH adjustment
Garnet For sediment filtration and support beds
High Activated Carbon (HAC) For reduction of chlorine, tastes and odors
next-Sand® For sediment filtration and support beds

When designing a Filtration Solution, Aqua Clear is diligent in pursuing the following goals to ensure system effectiveness and customer satisfaction:

  1. Cost Effectiveness through the use of stardardized components.
  2. Technical Effectiveness by using scientifically proven solutions and following industry standards, as well as regulatory requirements.
  3. System Efficiency by utilizing the best available components for each application.
  4. Operational Cost Effectiveness by minimizing energy consumption and operator intervention.
  5. Maintenance Efficiency by reducing manual cleaning needs or carbon re-bedding frequency.

Properly designed filtration systems and filter components are critical for any water purification application.  From Arsenic removal to Zebra fish research, the filtration system is the key to successful water purification and Aqua Clear has the proven ability to develop a solution for you.

Please click here to e-mail or call us at 858.270.7655  to arrange a complimentary site visit and an application evaluation.

AquaClear, LLC Filtration Solutions