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Scale and Fouling Control – OVERVIEW

Accumulations of Scale and other Fouling deposits in HVAC (Cooling Tower, Boiler, and Closed-loop) water systems will reduce heat transfer efficiency, which increases energy consumption and costs.  Scale and other deposits will also lead to the creation of oxygen differential cells, which will accelerate corrosion and ultimately result in the failure of process equipment.

System characteristics, such as water velocity, residence time, water temperature, and system metallurgy will affect the type and amount of Scale/Fouling that is created in that system.  In general, as temperatures increase and water flow velocities decrease, the level of Scale or other Fouling contaminates will likely increase.

Scale and Fouling Control – TREATMENT

  • Scale Inhibitors (phosphate and/or phosphonate)
  • Dispersant
  • Filters to remove particulates

Typically, the most cost effective solution for controlling Scale and Fouling is to implement a chemical treatment program using Scale Inhibitors (phosphonate and/or phosphate) in conjunction with a Dispersant.  Successful programs include monitoring and regular testing of the water quality to validate the effectiveness of the chemicals being used.  Monitoring must also include inspection and testing of the chemical pumps and conductivity meters that are being used.

Aqua Clear offers water treatment programs for the Removal and Control of Scale and Fouling that are custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.  We have developed a complete line of custom blended Chemicals to combat scale, as well as corrosion and biological contamination in Cooling Towers, Boilers, and other HVAC systems.

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