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For community swimming pools and for hotel pools Aqua Clear offers a complete line of both medium-pressure and low-pressure UV for Swimming Pools  and systems that are NSF 50 certified.  NSF 50 certification ensures that ultraviolet systems are validated to provide a minimum dose of 60 mJ/cm2 for a given flow rate.  This is extremely important  because if a system does not provide the necessary dose of UV, then the system may not be effective.  The systems offered by Aqua Clear also include both a UV intensity monitor and a temperature monitor for added safety.

Ultraviolet systems are extremely cost effective and most installations experience a pay-back of less than one year.  Savings are realized based on reduced chemical usage, less maintenance, and fewer pool closures.  Many community pools and “teaching pools” also benefit from increased attendance and reduced staff turn-over due to the improved air quality, as well as the cleaner water that results from the use of UV.

UV is completely safe.  Bathers are never exposed to the light and there are no chemicals needed.  Ultraviolet systems are well-known as a “Green Technology” because they reduce chemical usage and they require very little electricity to operate.

Benefits of UV for Swimming Pools:

  • Safer water as a result of the proven ability of UV to inactivate chlorine resistant microorganisms, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Fecal Coliform.
  • Improved air quality resulting from the reduction of Chloramines, which are chlorine by-products that cause skin and eye irritation, as well as respiratory illnesses.
  • Healthier water due to reduction of chloramines, as well as inactivation of chlorine resistant organisms.
  • Reduction in chemical consumption.
  • Reduction in number and/or duration of pool closures.

Many states are mandating the installation of UV as a secondary disinfection process for community pools, and/or water parks, due to the increasing number of people that are becoming infected, and violently ill, as the result of contact with chlorine resistant ocysts and bacteria at community swimming pools.

For indoor pools, the implementation of UV provides improved air quality within a matter of hours.  Ultraviolet light destroys the chloramines that create the “chlorine” smell in and around pools.  Chloramines are a dangerous by-product of chlorine that results when the chlorine is mixed with sweat, urine, and other chemicals, such as tanning oils.  Chloramines provide no benefit to the pool water and they are known to cause respiratory illnesses, especially in young children.  People with asthma will have problems breathing in areas with concentrations of chloramines, and people that experience prolonged exposure to chloramines, such as lifeguards, may develop asthmatic symptoms as a result.  In addition, these chlorine by-products are responsible for the burning eyes and skin rashes that many people are forced to endure when swimming in community pools.

Aqua Clear has been providing water purification solutions for over 15 years.  We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and we invite you to contact us for a no cost, no obligation, evaluation of your swimming pool water purification systems.

Please call or click here to contact us for a comprehensive evaluation of how UV could benefit your pool.