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Aqua Clear is an Authorized Distributor for Chemilizer pumps and chemical injectors.

Chemilizer’s liquid chemical injectors are powered by water-flow, making them the most environmentally friendly injectors on the market!

And since they are powered by water flow, they will never over treat the water!

Chemilizer’s unique design begins with the water-powered “motor”. The motor utilizes a reliable and durable diaphragm assembly, which is activated by the flow of water through the body of the injector. The higher the flow of water through the injector, the faster the diaphragm moves. The diaphragm assembly moves in direct relation to the water flow which is one of the reasons our injectors are known for their unparalleled accuracy.

The next element of Chemilizer’s unique design is the chemical pump assembly. The positive-displacement pump dispenses a precise amount of chemical solution. Chemicals are injected into the water after it has passed through the water motor, eliminating the potential for chemical deterioration of the water motor. The action of the chemical pump and resultant volume of injection is controlled by the diaphragm assembly. This ensures the right amount of chemical is injected into the water. Never more, never less!

Chemilizer injectors are available in two basic models:

  • The HN55 is a proportional injector; it injects a precise amount of chemical in proportion to a volume of water.
  • The CP33 is an adjustable injector; it allows dynamic control of the injection volume in proportion to time.

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